A Book of Short Fiction for a Big Table

I am very happy to announce that On the Proper Role of Desire is now available for purchase.  Published by Big Table, this collection of short, sharp and frequently funny stories will whisk you backstage with the king of the dive bars, then whisper the jokes that drove Beethoven to distraction and finally take you night swimming in the Graveyard of the Atlantic.  Along the way, you’ll meet with an assortment of monks, drunks and librarians.  Even Bill Murray makes an appearance, but he’s not entirely happy about it.  On the Proper Role of Desire is my first collection of short fiction.  Click on the image below to make a purchase.

The stories in Craig Fishbane’s On the Proper Role of Desire are short and to the point. They don’t dally, rather they confront the world head on in a manner both contemporary and timeless. The jagged characters that fill these pages are so full of life they never stop moving, talking, or trying to find their way. These painstakingly crafted fictions offer us views of ourselves through the mirror of Fishbane’s inventions, stories that hold us tight and never really let go.

—Wyn Cooper, Chaos is the New Calm

Fishbane’s edgy short fiction ponders the question, can God get around on a fastball while softening the heart of a terrorist? A character swaps his Lexus for a steel drum and a “spangled azure overcoat.” Another is having to choose between being king of the dive bars or “signing time cards in a shirt and tie.” You look cute in a tie, his lover tells him, and there’s the rub. Throughout Fishbane whispers the paradoxical secrets of paradise in our ears, using prose that borders on poetry, prose worth reading a second and a third time.

–Brady Peterson, Between Stations

On the Proper Role of Desire is a delightful collection of short work that takes everyday slice-of-life and infuses it with poignancy and humor.  Craig Fishbane’s writing is melodic without affectation.  Reading these pieces is like sitting on a bench with a familiar friend, listening to stories and watching the world go by.

Wendy Russ, the League for the Suppression of Celery

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